Thursday, January 23, 2020

Last Post

Today is January 22, 2020, and this will be my last post. I would like to close it off with explaining media overall. I would say that lately I have been caught up in the media because of how much political things have been going on in the world and just because I have been procrastinating a lot on homework so I go onto my social media. From consuming so much media, I am influenced by it affected by it. This shows through my language in speaking and the way I act. I think that because of social media’s I treat other people differently based off of what they have posted or reposted of someone else’s. You can tell a lot about a person by what they post, comment, or like. A lot of people respond to other posts by reposting them which shows a lot about their own interests in life. I think in this way other people are also influenced by the media to show off what they like. I personally don’t post that much or repost because other people already have and if they didn’t see it before that probably means that they don't want to see it, and if they already saw it that probably don’t want to see it again. I do comment a lot though to show the person who post whatever it was that I saw it and how I felt about it. I think that this will ultimately break or make them depending on what I say. But I am not the only one who comments so it might not affect them at all. The media is also great in ways, like this media blog. I think that these media blogs made me see things a little bit differently. I was not only able to digest what I was seeing on any social media that I usually would have any thoughts on, but I was also able to see what other people think about something. I was able to see if people usually see the same things or watch the same things on social media. From the media blogs it seems that people do have similar things pop up on their social media’s but they might not all feel the same about it. I think this shows how much media can also bring people together and define we are. There are people who disagree with some things while others agree which puts us in groups. Now that I think about it more these groups come from opinions on things especially social media. Also these groups tend to post the same thing or support others within their group about what they posted. The media will always have an affect on me and my life I just hope I am able to realize my reaction more because of these media blogs. 

Thursday, January 16, 2020


Today is January 14th, 2020, and I have been recently been listening to the album "17" by XXXTENTACION. This album was written before he died in 2018 explaining his life and his mind. Every song on this album is describing pain, death, loneliness, etc. Everything dark. Most of his songs are dark but this album just hit different with the connection and feeling you can feel within his voice and music. He try’s to use his music to help those who are going through things in life or have depression. Each one of his songs talks similar things but in different ways with different types of feeling based off of what the music is like or the beat/rhythm of the song. When he died he was all over the media and everyone was saying he was another one of the rappers who faked his death. He had done so before but after a while and after seeing "video footage" of him being shot people started to believe it. It is now 2020 and I just recently saw a photo of him with another rapper of them taking a mirror pic. Now this would have been no big deal and people would have thought it was just an old picture if it weren't for the phone that was used to take the photo. It was an iPhone 11, meaning that is was taken recently. This got the media tripped up and his name back into peoples mind. Because I saw this on all social medias I can't help but also to think that it could have been an edited photo to make it seem like he is still alive, but earlier when I put video footage in quotations, it was because in one video that I saw it you cannot see his face, only the car that he was driving. This means to me that it also could have been someone driving his car and being shot and he somehow got out of the situation and he faked his death. I only have this in my mind because the media did for me. I would have just believed what I saw if I hadn't seen other faked or unreal or not true things on the media before. But when I started to listen to his albums again they just brought me back to the time when everyone was so sad that he died and I had no idea who he was. It wasn't until after was when I started to listen to his music and wish he was still alive. There has been multiple times where albums have been released while he is dead but we don't know if he wrote these songs while he was still alive or if he is still alive right now. His music brings me to another state of mind when I listen to his music because of how much emotion and power he puts into his songs and albums. I have found myself with tears coming down my face after listening to him so if you are ever in just that typa mood I would listen to XXXTENTACION. RIP

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Miss Representation - The Perfect Woman

Today is Sunday January 12th, of 2020, and earlier this week I watched a video about woman representation and one of the many topics that were hit during the video was the “perfect woman on media”. Men tend to look for the perfect woman in the world because only the perfect woman is presented on media. The media creates this woman for boys’ video games that gives them the mindset of wanting that and only that. That then makes woman or girls want to be that perfect woman so that they can get a man or boy. The media shows this perfect woman to also advertise products which then also shows and promotes other women to become and be how they look or what they are like. With all of this the topic of beauty over power comes in. Men have the power and woman have the beauty. But I want to talk about the first topic of the perfect woman that the media creates for not only men but also woman. I personally think that the want for love ties into this because woman want to fall in love with a man but we feel that we have to look a certain way for them to love us. Girls grow up wanting to have a boyfriend or the relationship we see in the movies or shows or in media in general. This idea of love has a beautiful perfect woman and a powerful handsome successful man making kids live up to this. Girls want to have that feeling she gets from knowing that someone loves her and will do anything to get that but what the problem is is that girls shouldn’t have to think that as they grow up to be a woman there is perfect love life or a perfect woman. People also see others on media of a perfect couple making them want it even more. I continue to want this and I continue to see other want it too. I can see this happen more to other people because I can see the different appearances that they are making of themselves or a different personality only when around guys. I just hope that I don’t do this even though it is in my mind. I see millions of girls who are perfect to me or just all around better than me and i judge this off of what I see of them in pictures mostly. I feel that the media is also a way of being introduced to someone but only seeing that perfect side of them because nobody wants someone to see the ugly sides. If someone is always able to see the ugly side, for girls, it is that you will never be able to get a boyfriend. If you are ugly it is a “swipe right”, so media does make this perfect woman or girl for the men so that we can be loved by someone. 

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

“ WW3 “

Today is January 7th 2019 and recently i have been seeing WW3 memes or videos or posts joking around about being drafted to the army because of the Iran’s “revenge war”. People have been making all these jokes about being drafted into the army because we will not have enough men and at this point it is all I see when I go onto Snapchat, Instagram, and Tiktok. On the media we are able to learn about recent news that our parents would usually see on the news chanel. I personally don’t know what to believe anymore about what is happening because I am seeing so many different videos about what is happening. People are joking about wanting to be drafted because they don’t think it could ever happen to them but in reality it might happen to them. Because the media is carrying on facts that are yet to be fully confirmed I cannot even feel scared because this world war three that may happen also may not. Music that is played on Tiktok is able to go with the issue and make sense to go along with whatever the person who made is saying. This gets carried on by other viewers which then carries on false info. The media has such a great role to also getting kids involved and having their own voice to say what they feel about what is happening in the world. It is only when they say the wrong thing they may regret it. I know that when I see that someone has posted about a issue especially this one I want to go onto the internet and read more.

All American

Today is January 7th 2019 and I have just recently finished watching this tv show on netflix called All american for the second time. This show is so good. It is about this kid in high school named Spencer who is picked from his school of more less fortunate to go to a better more expensive school away from his home. He does this to get a better chance to go to the NFL when he is older. Then as he goes through life living with his football coach and going to his new school with new friends, he also has to deal with the family and friends he has back at home. He struggles to juggle both of them but he is still able to perform football like a professional. The gangs in the movie I feel like represent what it is like to live in the “hood” how it is like to make a living while someone is always on your back watching you. As the show goes on, Coop, Spencer’s best friend is put into a gang and then cannot get out of it. A lot of this show is getting into trouble and trying to figure out how to get out of it but never learning how to not get in to trouble in the first place. It is not only getting into trouble but also just making problem within the characters families or with the characters friends. Every character plays an important role to the story and how and why the next big thing happens. The entire show never has a rest where there is nothing intense happening whether it’s death or a party. There are more episodes and seasons out right now but I haven’t had the chance to watch them. From this show I get to learn also a lot about how black people are treated and a little about how they live their life even though this show may all be an act. 

Saturday, December 14, 2019

Black Ariel

Today is December 14th, 2019 and I just heard about the upcoming Live Action remake of Disney's Little Mermaid. There has been commotion about the casting of a women of color for the character Ariel. When I looked this issue up on the internet after seeing it on Instagram people were commenting negative responses to this new actress on this website. People are saying that Disney has messed up the original movie by casting her and not respecting her character, while others are responding to these comments and saying that the people who said this were racist. I personally think that it is great to have little girls see that everyone can be a princess and show that there is equality but I do not think that taking an original movie that had a total opposite identity and changing it was a good idea. I only think this though because she is such a big figure to little girls because of her appearance of her red hair. I think her red hair is the biggest part of what is upsetting me. This blew up on social media because people are reposting and reposting what they think about what other people said. They responded with their own opinions which I think also made this announcement seen by more people because some agreed or disagreed with what they said. Halle Bailey will now be viewed a lot more for her voice, like me. Once I saw that people were saying that she had an amazing voice I went and watched a video of her singing and she was good. What I don't know is if they will be making a animation along with a live action movie because when I researched further there was a picture of the animation Ariel but we are told that it will be a Live Action movie. To be honest I never even knew that they were planning on making a new Little Mermaid until now and that is also another thing that people are talking about. People were saying that they were so excited and now they are not because of this. People are not even letting this movie have a chance just because they think that she is completely ruining Ariel's character. I would give this movie a chance but I am confused as to why they have to make this one a diverse Disney movie when it's not and there are plenty of others, like the Lion King, Aladdin, Princess and the Frog, Moana, Lilo and Stitch, and others.

Monday, December 9, 2019

Guerilla Ads-St.Francis

Its December 9th, 2019, and as I was driving on the freeway, I remember seeing a couple months ago a huge screen billboard with St. Francis on it. St. Francis is a public high school and the first thing that I thought was, what the heck was an Open House Ad for St. Francis doing on that billboard. All that the ad was was a bunch of smiling girls and big words saying 'OPEN HOUSE' on this date. From knowing about St. Francis already, this just made me think of how privileged they are. Not all schools get the amounts of opportunities or supplies that they have. They were trying to show what their high school students feel like from attending St. Francis to encourage others to come and see what it is like for themselves. With the big smiles of the girls with their arms around each other it makes it seem like they are happy in high school to promote more kids to attend the school, when really it could not feel like that for every student. Every lifestyle for every high school student is different. Not everyone is happy or sad or mad to be at school but for the girls at St. Francis I believe that their lives may be a little bit better than most kids, but I also could be completely wrong. From what I have noticed is that the girls that go to that school may be a little or a lot more fortunate than other kids. This stereotype of the perfect “white girls” was also shown when I personally looked at this ad just because I do not remember seeing any people of color within the picture they presented. Again, for me this is the way the ad was presented to me but for others they may just see happy girls living life at a good high school and I can accept both ways. This ad I would say is more like a surprise attack because of the different ads that are rotating through the billboard due to it being a  screen with pictures or videos not  painted or plastered(whatever you call it). It is only up for a certain amount of seconds then it is quickly taken down. While you are driving you get distracted from the ads in general but I personally think that if you know of St. Francis before hand it is even more surprising. You are able to see enough to go back home and look it up which is exactly what they want you to do.